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Vegan Update: Weeks Seven and Eight, Feeling Great!

August 30, 2017


Well, after my last blog where I swore I would not go to the Dr. for help - I went to the Dr. for help. As time went on I couldn’t even hold liquids down and I knew there was something really wrong. It turned out I had a bacterial infection, a low-grade fever with elevated white blood cells. I swear, I am the only person in the world who could adopt the healthiest diet on the planet and end up with a bacterial infection two weeks later…

 Anyway, the good news is they put me on two broad spectrum antibiotics, and after a week, the symptoms were gone. I still don’t know what the infection was from, but maybe someday the lab will report in and solve the mystery. Now I'm back to feeling pretty good, for me anyway, and working with my diet to attack illness and inflammation in my body, restoring my health for good. I am completely off the Fibromyalgia medicine and that went really well. I had some withdrawal symptoms the first week, but they were pretty mild compared to the horror stories on the internet - one lady said she became homicidal! (I had James watch me closely around the kitchen knives. Ha!)


The downside is now that I don’t have narcotics dulling my senses, I can feel the effects of the other meds full force and I am dizzy all day long. It feels like a serious case of vertigo, so I am hoping I can weed those out really soon.


The upside is I finally have the energy to experiment with all the amazing recipes I’ve complied and all I can say is YUM! James and I have been having the best time cooking together and trying new things. We’ve been erring on the side of comfort foods after I couldn’t eat for two weeks, and here’s one of my favorites so far:



The Wise Table





Creamy Vegan MushroomFettuccini Alfredo

by Hot for Food.

Use the Hot for Food link above if you want to make this for yourself. You won't be sorry! 




Wise Fact


Studies show a plant-based diet increases the body’s metabolism, causing the body to burn calories up to 16% faster than the body would on a meat-based diet for at least the first 3 hours after meals.



Thanks so much for following along on my odyssey, I appreciate you all so much. James has promised a guest fitness blog for us, so keep an eye out, and subscribe so you don't miss it! 





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