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Vegan Update – Weeks Five and Six, I’m Still Sick.

August 15, 2017


Hi friends. It’s a been a little while since my last post, mostly because I’ve been struggling. Not with veganism – that’s been amazing, but with my ongoing health odyssey/saga. I really thought I would be off my meds and running up and down the street by now, but I’m not running anywhere, except the bathroom to be sick repeatedly. I have no idea what’s up because in general I feel pretty good – a continued sense of wellness and even happiness from this new lifestyle, but every day I wake up fine and spiral downhill quickly.


I can only guess at what’s wrong, because my Dr. won’t speak to me over the phone, and insists that if I want to talk I can come in for an office visit. Sadly, that’s not covered by my ginormous Obama Care deductible, so I’m not going. I’ve spent thousands of dollars this year having endless tests and finding out precisely nothing. I have found a clear directive in the medical profession to treat symptoms rather than seek root causes; a propensity to prescribe drugs rather than offer alternatives. All this has left me heavily medicated, with no understanding of what could be wrong and no time frame for expected healing. 



My theory is that my body is filled with so many amazing things from my new vegan lifestyle, it’s rejecting the medication. I know some of you reading this (Mom) will say I should go back in, but I am 100% certain there will be no result, no answer and no relief. It’s time to step up the self-healing and keep using my common sense.


I’m going to stop taking the Fibromyalgia medicine, which has a lot of side effects and may be what makes me too tired to function normally. Since my Dr. won’t talk to me on the phone about it, even though it’s an elective medication, I spoke to the pharmacist about how to taper off and I’m starting that now. I’m really hoping getting that out of my system will let me experience the amazing effects of plant based eating, because from what I can feel so far, it’s going to be life changing.


Hopefully soon I'll be able to report on adding fitness back into my wellness regimen instead of naps. Then I can move on to eliminating the more serious medications from my life and body.


I’m also adding in juicing, which I know is a major health regenerator that will send micronutrients straight into my body and hopefully turbo-heal whatever is going on in there. I’ll keep you updated because if it works for me, it can certainly work for you. I never thought I would be so excited about drinking kale…  



In the meantime, my husband James has been a rock star researcher and support system, and my beloved Spock has had my back through every down time. He’s my angel - coming to lie down with me every time I can’t sit up any longer. 


Stay tuned Odyssey peeps - I'm expecting to have a good report for you soon! 


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