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Confessions of a Product Hoarder

July 22, 2017


Okay, I admit it, I’m a product hoarder. I’ve collected WAY too many products in the quest for the perfect holding hair spray and the longest lasting lipstick. I’m trying to get help.


What I didn’t know was that most of what I’ve amassed is connected to animal testing and torture.


I started out fighting for animal rights as a child. In the fourth grade, I somehow heard of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, the IFAW, and the brutal slaughter of harp seals. I can still see the picture of a sweet fluffy white seal on the pure white snow, covered in blood after being bludgeoned by a hunter. I proceeded to find a coffee can, cover it in pictures of harp seals, cut a hole in the top and begin a fundraising campaign for IFAW at school.


Somehow over the years life got the better of me and this passion for animals was put on the back burner – never dying, but not really having a life either. Suddenly, it seems like everywhere I turn someone is talking about living cruelty free and animal welfare. From food, to products, to dog torture in Yulin, China – animal rights are in the news. People I watch and listen to are bringing this cause to the forefront. I don’t know if this is a new wave of awareness in the world, or just my time to wake back up to it, but I can’t look away.


I have to admit, I never imagined well known product companies still tested on animals. I had put that out of my mind, certain it was a thing of the past which wiser heads had abolished over time. It certainly never occurred to me that most of the products I use every day had been tested on innocent animals.


‘Tested’ is such an innocuous word. What it really means is caged animals are forced to drink toxins to see if they die, forced to inhale toxins so scientists can watch the reactions, to be injected with toxins for observation, and endure products being sprayed in their eyes to see how badly they burn or are blinded. Why on earth would any company do this when they don’t have to? I can’t imagine.


So, I decided to do a purge. The photo with this blog is a sampling of all the animal tested products I had on hand and have since replaced with cruelty free brands. It feels amazing to look for and buy things that are created with love and respect for life and the environment. To take an extra moment to care about more than me when making choices.


It’s also tied to my health journey now, as I switch over to products with less toxins, and more natural ingredients that are good for my body. If companies don’t have to make something by ensuring animals survive its use, that can only be a positive, right?


Please know there is zero judgement here. I debated if I should even share this part of my journey, but I decided to do it because I really didn’t know the extent of this issue before. It’s only because people shared about it that I now know. So, take from this what you will, what resonated for you. If you are interested in seeing where your products fall here is a link to my favorite site, Cruelty Free Kitty. (I know, cue the shocked gasps!) It’s a great resource for quickly finding what you have on hand that’s still made through animal testing and what you can find that is cruelty free. Happy purging!!

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